The first Irish to pass through Ellis Island

Annie Moore first person arrived in Ellis Island 
 In the history the first Irish to pass through Ellis Island was a 14 years old young gril .Her name was Annie Moore.Ellis Island officially opend on January 1,1892.Annie with her two young bothers ,Anthony and Phillip ,departed from Queenstown in Ireland on December 20, 1890 aboard the S.S Nevada to American. Annie and her brothers were on the ship for 12 days .They were in steerage class, which meant they were in a large room with many other people. The ship was crowded, and the food was poor. They came to there to meet their mother.Col.weeber greeted Annie and then presented her with a $10 coins .It  was a gift to the first person off the ship. As an extra bonus, Annie realized it was her 15th birthday .It was the first United States coins she had ever seen and largest sum of money she had before.And she said she will keep it as a pleasant memento of the occasion.Today Annie is honred by two statues--one at her port of departure (Cobh,formerly Queenstown ) and the other at Ellis Island,her port of arrival.Her immage will forever represent the millions who passed through Ellis Island in pursuit of the American    dream.                                                                                                                                                                     

"And so it happened that Annie became the first immigrant to land on the newly-opened Ellis Island"

Image source:http://www.ellisisland.org/genealogy/annie_moore_ellis_island2.jpg

Irish Journey to America

The Coffin ship on the Atlantic

In they are country the Potato Famine make this people poorer and poorer .They lack of food .I n order to get a better life ,they wanted to move other country.The decision to leave Ireland was only the beginning of a long and difficult journey. Once aboard the ship that would bring them to America (a 2-3 month trip), the emigrating Irish found almost intolerable conditions. The steerage compartments were about five feet high with two tiers of beds. Men, women and children (sometimes as many as 900 people) were crowded together with room only for themselves and their belongings rolled up next to them. A narrow cot was provided for each person but often it was not even wide enough to turn over. Beds and bedding were not aired out or washed until the day before arrival and inspection by government officials. The only air and light available was through a hatchway, which was closed during stormy or rough weather. The air became increasingly filthy and foul as the journey progressed. Food was often insufficient and not cooked properly. Grain, hardened and served as a lump, was common. Clean water was also insufficient for the needs of the steerage passengers. Toilets were inadequate for the number of people aboard, and stench permeated the air.We called the ships that the Irish came to American is Coffin ships.Many people death on the Atlantic.

"Just one case of typhus, which was rampant among the poor at this time, could spread like wildfire in the conditions on the coffin ships, and many were to die before, or shortly after, reaching the other side of the Atlantic. Others drowned when their ships were overwhelmed by ocean storms or fell upon rocks. "

Why Irish came to The U.S.

The Irish family came to American
Many people think Potato Famine is the reason why Irish came to American.But , there are also have many reasons for this act.Religious freedom. Sound familiar? Many immigrant groups came to America seeking freedom to worship the way they wanted to. The Irish were no different.
   During colonial times, there were almost as many Irish immigrants as there were English. They had been pushed out of Ireland by religious conflicts. They settled in America, seeking religious freedom.
 Economic conditions in Ireland were also poor at this time. Irish people who wanted to own land were pulled to America by the promise of a better way of life. Some Irish immigrants were sent to the colonies as prisoners. They served their sentences here.
 Others came from Ireland as indentured servants. These were people who had their passage paid for by someone else. In return, the servant would work for that person for a number of years in order to pay them back. Other Irishmen came with the British Army and then remained in the colonies.All the reasons that why the Irish came to American.

"Throughout the Famine years, nearly a million Irish arrived in the United States"


Rise of the Irish

The worke women

    After the Civil War ,Irish laborers once again hlep the U.S factories build up .They builed the railroads in the West ,and worked in the mines of Pennsylvania ,Virginia and Montana.They work hard but they have few rest time .So in that time ,the Irish organized the first trade unions and conducted strikes when necessary for higher wages, shorter hours, and safer working conditions.
   Following the first trade ,the single Irish woman can get the work as cooks for the rich family.These women were kind-heard.They save the money and back for their country to help the poor family .Everyone know that Irish like combine the eduction and the Catholic.These women was generous , they also donated  their money at Catholic .So much people use money to supple good eduction. More and more Irish immigrants can get good considerded for eduction.So the eraly immigrants' sun or daughter can easy to get metter life .
  The Irish rise in American society depend this group people hard worked .So I think everyone can success if you try your best!

  "Hard work and sheer determination had allowed the Irish in America to overcome countless obstacles and find success and happiness"


Early Stuggles--Anti-Irish racism

Early American natives of discrimination against Irish immigrants

In the early days, the Irish emigrated to the United States did not escape the potato famine due to the so-called ideal to obtain a new life. The majority of Irish people live in poor housing. Very primitive living conditions there. They live in the basement, the lack of lighting and ventilation, making these places as cholera, yellow fever, typhoid and other areas of high incidence of the disease. This living environment, and their high-crime has become one of the reasons the locals laugh at them. Most Irish immigrants rely on their own low-tech, low-paying jobs live. But they firmly believe that through hard work will make them move up the flow of society. But at the time the United States should be afraid of local workers their wages because of the involvement of these new immigrants to the exclusion of them. Many stores have hired some of the Irish people are not. In addition, the Irish Catholic culture has also become a time of hardship. Irish people like to put their children studying in schools run by the church, and refused to public schools. What will be loyal to the United States or Ireland, the Church of Rome, the locals do not know. Mob burned down in 1834, Ursuline convent in Charlestown, Massachusetts. There 1844, the local mob burned down in the Philadelphia suburb of the Catholic Church because of disputes which the two versions of the Bible in the public schools.

"The Irish immigrants of the famine era were the most disadvantaged the United States had ever seen"

Imagues  source:http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1308&bih=462&q=Early+Stuggles--Anti-Irish+racism&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=&aql=f&oq=&gs_rfai=


The Contributions of Irish immigrants to the U.S.

With the wave of immigrants, the Irish have brought their dance to the United States. The picture is Irish dancing.

            Difference immigrants came to the U.S.,the contribution is also not same.In Irish immigrants,they make a deep contribution for American.They took them political and religious leadership came to this new place.In the early,the Irish immigrants join  American Civil war ,they alongside with natives and other immigrants .Irish in American ,keep their own identity and  heritage. Irish people are devout Catholics. They came to a new environment, will naturally bring their faith to the same place. This makes the United States has a new element of religion.Enrich the United States freedom of belief, while built around the Catholic Church also added a touch of local architectural beauty of color can not be undone.In addition to other religion, Irish politics of the United States also made a considerable contribution.For example,Richard Daley,Frank Hague,Kennedy family and so on .Ireland is a U.S. offer a valuable labor resource. Irish is  offer a valuable labor resource for U.S.. Irish laborers built the Brooklyn Bridge, the Union-Pacific Railroad, and the Southern-Pacific Railroad.Irish is the pearl of the U.S. press. Irish newspapers and all communications in the United States.Nellie Bly, born Elizabeth Jane Cochran immigrant family. She is a famous journalist. She dressed as a mental patient by the conclusions obtained in the care of the mentally ill for the United States has made a significant contribution.In addition, the Irish people in the entertainment, sports, dance and other fields have made more or less the contribution

"The political participation of the Irish earned the name “The Green Machine.” Irish-American political figures would play a key role in the development of local, state, and national politics."

Source:http://www.buzzle.com/articles/irish-contributions-to-the-american-culture.html ---Irish Contributions to the American Culture
Image source:http://www.oneagleswing.com/images/jump.jpg


Early Suffragists in American history

                                                                                                              ---The Wild West

   The United States known as the land of equality and freedom, but is it true? In the early United States, the rights between of women and men are unequal. Men can participate in politics, can enjoy their right to vote, but women can’t. Women just stay at home cooking and laundry for her husband, education of their son. Even, women not allow receive higher education. The first women's movement was broke out at the United States in 1848. They want justice for their rights. At this point, the relationship between men and women become very complicated. They all have their opinions .The final victory is still belong women. Since then, women have power, they can vote. The success of the women's movement is it for women's life opens a new era and give the United States made a historic contribution for equality. Alice Paul is a activists person in this movement. She even if imprisonment doesn’t feel unworthy to fight for women right. After her release from prison also insisted the cause. She’s efforts eventually by the end of the 19th amendment issued. From these women, we are obviously know that the importance of equality for them and equal access a great power to women to fright. Now, although there is a degree in politics, women's status, but the absolute equality of men and women still can’t be achieved.

"Women's suffrage represents the first stage in the demand for political equality - the right of women to vote in political elections."

Images source:http://history.research.glam.ac.uk/news/en/2007/dec/20/research-womens-liberation-movement-wins-funding-l/     -----University of Glamorgan